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Trojan Phlyers, Inc. is a group of aviation professionals dedicated to preserving the rich history of the North American Aviation Company’s T28 Trojan. Based out of Mid-Way Regional  (KJWY), just south of downtown Dallas and southeast of downtown Fort Worth, Trojan Phlyers owns and operates two T28B Trojan aircraft. The pilots of Trojan Phlyers perform formation and solo aerobatics, and appear each year at air shows and events across the nation in an effort to remind us of the engineering brilliance and manufacturing excellence of the former North American Aviation Company. Also, these same pilots, many of them decorated combat veterans, offer a salute to the veterans of our great nation, and to the men and women who continue to protect us and preserve the American way of life.




Trojan Phlyers Officers


President:             Chip Lamb

Vice-President:   Kent Holiday

Secretary:            Robert Johnson

Treasurer:            Chris Wood


For scheduling information: call Chip Lamb at (817) 366-2868  chip@trojanphlyers.com

Website Editor    Rick Raesz  (817) 991-6260  rick@raesz.com

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